Discharge Valve

We have also designed a highly performant discharge valve which is mounted under a candle filter. It is an advanced, next generation, version of a normal flap that brings significant advantages in the cases when the opening of the filter must be kept completely free. This usually happens when a cake is extremely thick and consequently tends to clog the opening or when deposits of solids are very abrasive or flammable.

Our Discharge Valve is available in two versions, with the main difference being the opening mechanism:

  • Pendulum flap (pendulum flap in moved via a pivoting lever)
  • Swing flap (swing flap is raised and lowered above a first cylinder and positioned over a second cylinder.

Pendulum flap

Swing flap

To close and open the flaps, our Discharge Valve uses a bayonet lock:

  • to close the flaps: a sealing washer is pressed against an O-ring and locked
  • to open the flaps: a lock is released.

The opening and closing of the flap is fully automated and can be also manually controlled using central control unit.