Our High-Flow-Filter is a high-performance candle filter designed and built to complete a classic back-washable candle filter. The significantly improved performance, where our High-Flow-Filter offers 4x higher volumes than the classic back-washable candle filter, helps our clients to reduce their costs and improve efficiency:

  • filtrate performance for classic Candle Filter: 2,500 l/m² per hour
  • filtrate performance for our High-Flow-Filter: 10,000 l/m² per hour

Apart from much better performance (achieved by the internal variation of the candle design), our High-Flow-Filter offers much higher filtration depth thanks to deployment of special proprietary filter cloths.

Main Advantages

  • Long service life
  • High filtrate performance
  • Surface filtration
  • Flushable
  • Full automation
  • Option of mobile construction

Application examples

Pilot filter with 0.25 m² filter surface

Because of the changed operation method of a candle filter and moving the remaining suspension containing few solids, we have eliminated the wasteful air consumption and cost intensive remaining emptying of a candle filter

The high-flow filter can also be used as a polishing filter behind a vacuum belt, a drum filter or a centrifuge.

The High-Flow-Filter can be used as a “polishing filter” that replaces disposable filter cartridges and consequently reduces costs for customers